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Digitalis is inspired by nature’s algorithmic beauty. Technology is, after all, the science of craft. Our down to earth approach is rooted in proficiency and grounded in clear communication. 
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Web Design

A properly configured and intelligently designed website gives you complete control over your entire media brand.
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Web Development

With an affinity for clean code and elegant design, our software solutions are fast, secure and maintainable.
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Graphic Design

Need a set of brand guidelines to create a consistent vibe? Digitalis can help you establish an unforgettable first impression.
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From self-led courses & live workshops to virtual schools for subscription based memberships, it's all possible.
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Integrating carefully considered customer experience and seamless user flows is vital for achieving fulfilling results.
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Digital Marketing

The secret to creating high conversion rates isn’t actually a secret – it boils down to good ol’ authenticity.
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We pride ourselves on being on budget and on time. Our goal is to get as much information from you up front so that we can provide you with a realistic budget within a timeframe that works for everyone. No funny business. Our style is pragmatic, efficient and full of heart.
Web Design

Ask an Expert

Feel unsure about where to begin? Already have an established online business but struggling to keep up with the fast changing trends of the internet?
We offer consultancy and assessments for the full scope of online business requirements. We’d love to hear about your project. 
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Backend UX

We make managing your content a simple and enjoyable process. At Digitalis, we believe administrators should be treated to the same level of user experience as those on the frontend. By going the extra mile to build sleek & intuitive interfaces, our customers can focus on the important stuff, like publishing great content. Happy campers all round.
Web Development

Carbon Conscious

Data centers account for 2% of the world’s carbon emissions, that's as much as the airline industry.
Digitalis has partnered with a hosting provider that invests 300% of its energy consumption into renewables. This means we can build high performance web services that not only look great on the outside, but are ‘carbon-reducing’ on the inside.

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