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"Hey Honey!" - We’re talking to your brand right now. "What’s your name? What’s your story? What's your favourite colour?"
Your brands identity is our business. We wanna know all the deats. From type, to colour, tone to tude, what makes your brand tick? Tell us the ins and the outs, from personality to philosophy. Let’s bring this being to life!

The Cat's PJs

Your work is our work. As digital artists we celebrate individuality, and aspire to recognise the unique aesthetic of each of our clients. Digitalis has the technical and creative skills to transform your brand vision into a digital reality.
Meet the Team
Photoshop masters, every pixel is carefully curated in the design process. We are painstakingly pedantic when it comes to the details.
Small file sizes, infinite resolution. We use vectors literally everywhere. They are the only way to keep things crisp on all displays. 
Every movement on our sites is intentional. We consider engagement through subtle and not so subtle animated enhancements.

Sliced Bread?

More like Homemade Sourdough.

Want your business to be taken seriously and feel legit? You need a professionally designed logo that you’re stoked on and a set of brand guidelines to create a consistent look and feel from web to print to swag and back again. Digitalis can help you establish an unforgettable first impression. Let’s get started!
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The Deer's Antlers

Your logo is the beginning of the story, certainly not the whole kit and caboodle. Creating visually sound graphics specific for your brand is what gets us stoked.. We ♥ making magic that makes you shine. And don’t worry, we always consider the multi porpoise nature of graphics and provide a full gamut of file formats for ease of use in all capacities. You can exhale now. No seriously, do it. It feels so good.
Authentic Marketing

The Dog's Bollocks

Yup, we said it.

The internet is changing. It’s now possible to render complex graphical artwork directly in the browser. We’re well versed in producing interactive graphical content, video processing and realtime animation. No matter how abstract your ideas, we have the WebGL skills to transform your vision into a reality.
Custom Development
I was blown away with my experience working with Digitalis. They took the design concepts I had and enhanced them to levels I could have only have imagined. They are prompt, kind, understanding and most importantly, excellent at what they do. In an industry where so many developers take advantage of their clients limited understanding, Digitalis provided trustworthy transparency throughout the entire process. I would 10/10 recommend Digitalis to any of my friends or clients and trust them with any project of mine going forward.
Zan Comerford, Founder of Litework Marketing
Nelson BC, The Kootenays

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