It's hard to express just how delighted we are with the beautiful website Digitalis created for us. I hope many other businesses will get to benefit from their digital design genius.
Claire Milne, Co Founder of Starter Culture
Dartington, Devon UK
I was blown away with my experience working with Digitalis. They took the design concepts I had and enhanced them to levels I could have only have imagined. They are prompt, kind, understanding and most importantly, excellent at what they do. In an industry where so many developers take advantage of their clients limited understanding, Digitalis provided trustworthy transparency throughout the entire process. I would 10/10 recommend Digitalis to any of my friends or clients and trust them with any project of mine going forward.
Zan Comerford, Founder of Litework Marketing
Nelson BC, The Kootenays
Digitalis bring a personal commitment and vision to each piece of work which results in results that have always exceeded our expectations. And this is combined with a level of professionalism that means that every project has been accurately specified and costed, and then brought in on time and on budget. I could not recommend Digitalis more highly.
Peter Armstron, Founder of One Climate
Oxfordshire UK
I began working with Digitalis in 2020 on the development of a website centred around mushroom cultivation workshops and talks. The build process came in smoothly and on time, communication was swift and efficient. Digitalis provided informative training to help me understand the internal mechanics of WordPress so that I could confidently update my website content. On the whole, Digitalis has been pivotal in the development of my career, and I am wholeheartedly grateful for their expertise!
David Satori, Founder of Myceliate
London, UK
Digitalis are a vibrant and creative team - they listen deeply and come up with excellent solutions to bring nascent ideas into constructive and communicative forms. They are clear in their contracting and realistic in terms of the time things will take. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and we recommend them highly and without reservation.
Ya'Acov Darling Khan, Co Founder of Movement Medicine
Devon UK
If we had known about Digitalis when we started, we’d have had them build the whole damn thing from scratch!
Larry Lenske, Michelle Rose Fishery
Vancouver Island, BC
After more than 50 years commissioning software (first with the BBC), I have seldom worked with such an outstanding developer as Jamie Perrelet. Working with him and Cami at Digitalis over the past five years has been a story of one success after another.
Peter Armstrong, Founder of One Climate
Oxfordshire UK
Digitalis went above and beyond what I thought was possible in the creation of my online shop. Digitalis carefully considered my vision while offering their unparalleled keen eye for detail and technical expertise. I am extremely satisfied with the service provided and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for high quality web services.
Shawn Levine, Founder of Galactivated Games
Vancouver Island, BC
Sigma-1 hired Digitalis to design a website for a 5000-patron event, and they went as far to design a ticketing engine that was far superior than some large-scale ticket companies.
Michael Heid, Sigma-1 Environments
Vancouver Island, BC

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