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Solution Architects

With over 15 years experience building sophisticated web applications, we’ve got the skills to bring your vision to life. With an affinity for clean code and elegant design, our software solutions are fast, secure and maintainable. If you’re looking for something outside the box, get in touch - we likely have the brew you're after on tap.

Web Interfaces

The internet of things has transformed the way our devices communicate with us and in turn, each other. The future is smart, interoperable and modular. Need an interactive map for your funky art gallery? We got you. Need a custom control panel for a fancy installation in a museum? Yup, we do that too. Need a time machine to change the past? Um, perhaps not. Maybe come back in one hundred years ago.
Mosaic Earth

Wheel House

Fluent in a plethora of frameworks & languages, we carefully evaluate the nuances of every project to ensure it's built on the ideal software stack.
Here's some of the top notes in our web dev toolkit. If you're after a special something that isn't listed below, don't hesitiate to give us a shout!

Single Page Applications

Get the best of both worlds by combining the reactivity of a native app with the accessibility of a web browser.

Cross Platform Integrations

Ensuring your data is synchronized across your network web services is essential. From social media posts to transaction ledgers, we can interop it all.

Custom Plugin Development

We build on top of existing platforms, extending their functionalities to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Exhibition Interfaces

Great installations deserve brilliant interfaces. We help galleries, museums and learning centers level up their presentation & interactivity.

Virtual Reality Solutions

With heaps of experience writing packages in both Unity and Unreal engine, we’ve got the know-how to augment reality to your heart's content.

Realtime Data Processing

Sitting on dusty data that could change the world? Get in touch to find out how we can help you process, visualize and communicate your insights.
Less is more. No nonsense. We keep our code bases clean, lean and legibile.
We build with the future in mind to speed up the process of adding new features.
We adhere to tried and tested design patterns & follow the latest industry standards.

Admin UX

A quality user interface is as important for administrators as it is for end users. At Digitalis we love making control panels that are smart, snappy and intuitive. From application dashboards to hardware controllers & consoles, we have heaps of experience building next level admin interfaces .
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Cloud Computing

When it comes to computer resources, time is literally money. We’re tooled up to configure your virtual private servers and compute nodes to scale with the needs of your business in realtime. Our dedication to innovation is unending - we’re already preparing for the coming quantum revolution.
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After more than 50 years commissioning software (first with the BBC), I have seldom worked with such an outstanding developer as Jamie Perrelet. Working with Digitalis over the past five years has been a story of one success after another.
Peter Armstrong, Founder of One Climate
Oxfordshire, UK

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