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Welcome to the Digitalis Palace.

We are two down to earth individuals who work with a team of other-than humanoids to make magic happen behind the screen. The Digital Pixies and Mycelial Web-Experts are dear friends and colleagues of Digitalis Web Build Co. When necessary, we bring other trusted human collaborators into the fold to bring your vision into fruition.

Wild at Heart

We’re ecologically minded, technically proficient, with keen eyes for beauty. We love what we do. Building high performing, elegant web solutions that support businesses like yours to flourish, makes us happy bunnies! When we aren’t building sophisticated web systems, we’re either shredding pow, frollicking in meadows or brewing copious amounts of fir-tipped ales.
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Home Brew


A rare specimen to say the least. This guy wears a lot of hats. And annoyingly, he can rock them all. Meticulous af, he’s the detail dude. He’s got a massive heart and a genius mind. Pattern language is his mother tongue. 
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Literally a honeybee. This earthen creature knows more than a thing or two about form & composition. When she’s not in the studio she’s likely talking to bugs, writing poems or potting plants for The Plant Post.
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Flow the Fish. Our shubunkin. Our shaman. Who knew having a fish would be such a spiritual experience. Whenever we feel stuck in the depths of a problem, we wheel our chairs over to Flow’s tank for a session. We tell her our strife, feed her a few flakes and somehow she always keeps things moving.

Meet the Team


Web Designers
Foxglove Farm, Dartmoor
Cascade, Digit & Flex have been rated some of the best web designers on the block. Always pushing the envelope and setting new trends, these 3 were born to do this work. They stick to themselves and have an air about them that every one is drawn to.


Web Developer
Porthleven, Cornwall
Fluent in a plethora of languages, this crab is the real deal. He's a side hustler by day, full stack developer by night.


Network and Communications
Carmanah, Vancouver Island
Super friendly and approachable, he’s normally who you speak to first when you get in touch with Digitalis. He’s essentially our main man. He’s funny af so make sure you don’t have a full bladder when you’re hanging with the guy.


eLearning Specialist
Teapot Hill, Cultus Lake, BC
Total know it all. Which is super handy and extremely annoying at times. He’s that guy, looking over your shoulder making sure you're doing it right. But he’s also who you turn to when you've hit a roadblock and are banging your head against the wall.


Graphic Designer
The Meadow, Dartington
The queen of design systems, this lady knows how to make things beautiful. She comes up with a concept and flies with it. Beatrix is wholeheartedly committed to the integrity of our crew, ensuring nothing gets shoved under the rug and that we're always working cohesively as a team.


The Peake District, UK
An absolute legend, Mervyn has literally set the industry standard. He's an expert in the philosophy of kerning. He knows type like the back of his eyelids. Stylised ligatures are his signature. Modest as no tomorrow, he's the hidden gem of the company without a doubt.

Birdie & Bianca

Project Managers
Birmingham, UK
These two are total bossy boots. They keeps us all in line and on time. Cherries and aphids can win them back when you're falling behind. Bianca pretends to be the cute little sidekick but she’s actually a total badass and doesn’t take shit from anyone, even Birdie.

Zylor aka Zee

Automations Technician
Zygon, obviously.
Zee builds the CRM’s business logic. When you're running this many simultaneous threads you’ve gotta be pretty badass to keep up with it all. He's all about working smart so he can kick back with a pint before frisbee golf. He's got the work to play ratio down.


Idea Engineer
Squamish, BC
The Ideas Person, they're never short of a unique and genius idea. When a new idea comes, their arms flail up and and they squeal with excitement. Eureka is never shy to try something new. An innovator and incredible engineer, this intelligent bulb lights up the studio.


Marketing Director
Similkameen Valley, BC
A social butterfly and sales scientist, this lady knows how to increase revenue. She has the gift of the gab but she’s also extremely genuine with a heart of gold. She’s devoted to her pollination practice so she flies to work and spends her breaks in the orchard.

Madame Bouquet

Professor of Floriography
Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Digitalis bring a personal commitment and vision to each piece of work which results in results that have always exceeded our expectations. And this is combined with a level of professionalism that means that every project has been accurately specified and costed, and then brought in on time and on budget. I could not recommend Digitalis more highly.
Peter Armstrong, Founder of One Climate
Oxfordshire, UK